08 апреля 2022 | Delhi |
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Our life is meant for training, not for enjoyment. Human body is useless for enjoyment, so many diseases and problems are there. Humans have developed intelligence. Srila Prabhupada says that from your birth you are just a sudra, and sudra means enjoyment. But the main purpose for the Lord to come to this world is to teach us something very important. He is adi-guru, the original guru.

Three great incarnations of the Supreme Lord are: 1) Lord Ramacandra comes in Treta-yuga; 2) Lord Krisna comes in Dvapara-yuga; 3) Lord Caitanya comes in Kali-yuga. Lord Ramacandra is Maryada Purusottama, He teaches us how to follow maryada or discipline by His own example. His teaching is foundational for human life. We will not be able to develop love of Lord Krisna unless we understand the message of Lord Ramacandra. If we want to live our life properly, we have to live it according to the rules of dharma, according to the rules of the Supreme Lord. If we follow these rules of the Supreme Lord, then only we will be able to understand the teachings of Lord Krisna. He is Lila Purusottama.

Lord Ramacandra is teaching us that you accept the order of the superior on your head and go through your life with the order of your superior and do what your superior does. Only when we understand this spirit will we be able to understand Lila Purusottama. We have to enter Krisna lila, this is our highest destination, but you only will be able to join Krisna lila if you are first trained by teachings of Lord Ramacandra. Then you will be able to understand Lord Caitanya’s teachings, He is Prema Purusottama. He teaches us how to develop love of Krisna, but He also says that for that you have to follow the discipline. Lord Caitanya Himself was extremely disciplined. If we follow the orders of our superiors our life will be successful.