01 марта 2022
Длительность: 0:41:04

From "Srimad-Bhagavatam" we know that Lord Shiva is the greatest vaisnava. His main greatness is that he wants to serve the Supreme Lord by doing some ungrateful service. We all try to serve the Lord but we always think if I serve the Lord He will give me something good. This is not real service. Lord Shiva exemplified the real service when he does not expect anything for his service. Lord Shiva destroys the universe when the time comes, he starts his tandava nritya and the whole universe is being destroyed. This is a very ungrateful service. If somebody destroys something nobody glorifies him. Sometimes Lord Shiva gives some benedictions to demons. This fact that Lord Krisna and Lord Visnu give the most difficult service to Lord Shiva means that he is completely trusted.

Just like yogurt and milk are the same substance, Lord Shiva is a different transformation of the same substance as Lord Visnu. Lord Visnu has nothing to do with this world, He is not in touch with matter. He comes in contact with this material energy in the form of Lord Shiva or Shambhu. He is the personification of Lord Visnu’s glance. It is said that Lord Visnu creates this material world by glancing over material nature.

Lord Shiva teaches us what we should do with the false ego and the nature that we have. If we employ this independent nature in the service of the Supreme Lord we can transcend this independent nature. Lord Siva also teaches us how to do this. The method of transcending our conditioned nature is to always think about the Supreme Lord and to always be ready to render service to Him.

When during our spiritual practice we encounter some problems, we have to approach somebody, who is able to help us. We need to give somebody our poison, otherwise this poison will kill us. When we come to our spiritual master with our big problem, he looks at it, and the problem becomes hardly visible.

Lord Shiva is the greatest servant of the Lord because he is ready to sacrifice everything, he is ready to do something for others at the cost of his own happiness and comfort.