22 февраля 2022
Длительность: 0:58:40

People are chanting Hare Krisna Maha mantra in many mayavadis' temples in Kerala and other places because Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu visited those places during His pastimes. The impression He left was so strong, that this well-established tradition continues there up to this day.

Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, while traveling in the South-Indian tour, wanted to show the way to preach Krisna consciousness. The first very important condition for spreading Krisna consciousness is complete surrender to the will of the Lord. Raised hands of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu mean - I am not protecting myself, I am Your servant, please make me Your instrument. The principle of preaching is that you should not ask people for something that you don’t do yourself. This understanding that the only one who is worthy of being praised is the Lord, should be very deeply established within our heart. Otherwise if it’s not established in our heart, then we will try to glorify ourselves by the means of preaching. We should chant ourselves first and foremost and then we have the right to ask anyone else, whom we see, to do the same. We should be happy in Krisna consciousness, because everything else will be useless if this basic realization of happiness in Krisna consciousness is not there. If we are unhappy we can only make others unhappy and miserable, just like ourselves.

The spiritual power is the combination of samvit sakti and hladini sakti, the two most powerful spiritual potencies of the Supreme Lord. Bhava or prema is nothing but a combination of these two energies. To hold bhava our heart should first be cleansed. If we want to spread Krisna consciousness, we have to be Krisna conscious ourselves, it means that we have to be in touch with the spiritual energy and to be transmitters of this spiritual energy. Bhakti is only coming from heart to heart. If it’s just a superficial imitation of the real process, the success will not be there. The empowerment is an easy process, but we have to be prepared to be empowered, that’s a difficult part of the process.

Krisna consciousness starts with the level of ruci, because only when we have this strong taste for the processes of Krisna consciousness, for the Holy name, we are in touch with the real Holy name and we will be able to forget our own conveniences or inconveniences, comforts or discomforts, only then we will be able to spread this. Krisna consciousness in its pure variety means that before doing any devotional activity the first thing, which we should do is to think that I want to please the Lord. Krisna prema is the most cherished treasure of the Supreme Lord, He will not entrust us with His most important potencies unless we become completely trustworthy. It means the sincerity of all our endeavours in the Krisna consciousness movement.