18 апреля 2021 | Bangalore |
Длительность: 1:05:07

There are certain rules on how we should chant japa, so that it would bring the maximum effect. One of them is maunam or silence. We can maintain external silence, but it is very difficult to maintain internal silence, because we are always talking while chanting. The solution to this is to concentrate on the meaning of the mantra. So we should know who we are addressing with this mantra, who are these personalities, what is their mood, and why we are approaching them.

The main law of meditation is that we become what we meditate on. We obtain the same nature of the object of our meditation. We should remember something constantly, this is the only way to obtain it at the moment of death. If we don’t remember Krisna during our life, we will not remember Him at the moment of death. Your next life will be determined by what you are investing your emotions in. Therefore while chanting we should remember about God and invest emotions in this remembering process.

It is very important to start meditating on God right now because we have so much garbage in our brain. There are deep and shallow remembrances in our brain. We remember those things which are emotionally surcharged. Therefore if we want to remember God at the moment of death, which is a very difficult test, we should now learn how to involve emotions.


1. We should think about Krisna, does it mean that we should not keep animals?
2. When we chant our mind is speaking too much, how to stop it?
3. How to reduce my conditioning?
4. What is happening inside of the animals?
5. I have connection with God, but during japa it is lost.
6. If we are not able to bring mind to nama, does it mean that we are low class devotees?
7. I am not so emotionally satisfied while chanting as I am during seva, how can you get this emotional satisfaction in chanting also?
8. During chanting, emotions from my daily life prevail, how to get out of this?