17 января 2021 | Bangalore |
Длительность: 1:18:33

The goal which every one of us has is how to become happy, but often we think that there should be certain conditions for that. "Srimad-Bhagavatam" says that this is a mistake, even if you get everything what you want, it does not mean that you will become happy. Moreover, it will never become as you wish, because your wishes will grow simultaneously. The one whose wishes are always fulfilled is Krisna, the Supreme ruler.

Instead of trying to change the external situations, try to change the internal situation. If you try to change the condition of your heart, you will become happy in all circumstances. "Srimad-Bhagavatam" says how to be protected from all miseries of this world. By coming in contact with the happiest person in the whole three worlds – Krisna - you also become happy.

To learn how to give our mind to Krisna, we should associate with devotees. Without hearing the devotees we will not be able to think about Krisna, even if we read. When we hear bhagavata kathamritam it gives us the idea of eternal life, that we are an eternal soul which is not dependent on external circumstances. We should hear again, again and again because of the dirt in our heart. We should also chant again and again because we want to get the result in this life, and because we are not doing it purely. This is the essence of all the teachings of the Vedas: man mana - think about Krisna. In this way we will be liberated very naturally from all the problems and anxieties and go to Vaikuntha, the place where there is no anxiety.