12 января 2021 | Bangalore |
Длительность: 1:15:50

Brahmachari life is a beautiful way of living, it gives a lot of time for spiritual activities. There are advantages, and there are difficulties also. We are emotional living beings, we pretend to be rational, but deep within emotions is a much stronger force, which drives our actions and our way of thinking.

Emotions are the primary element in our consciousness, and rationalization is coming afterwards. Grihastha life gives some emotional fulfillment, and if we don't have this in brahmachari life, then it can become emotionally dry after some time. For that you need close friendships with other brahmacharis. Mitra is a shallow kind of relationship, and suhrit is a very deep and fulfilling emotional relationship between two male devotees, here you have to open your heart completely. If there is no close friendship then some problems will force us to think about changing this way of life.

Another way to fulfill the emotional needs for brahmacharis is to preach, and to do it on the personal level as well, by trying to touch people’s hearts. Preaching is a heart to heart contact. It is a very emotionally fulfilling activity, when you touch people’s hearts you feel their emotions and you get this exchange. We should not be mechanical in our preaching.