05 декабря 2019 | Vrindavan |
Длительность: 1:46:37

We have a disease of enjoyment, it manifests as our desire to control. But the world is designed in a very tricky way, those things which we want to control, and we think we are controlling, start controlling us. If the person achieved something, at the end he will be the slave of this thing. It creates raga and dvesa, or attachment and hatred in our consciousness, and it blinds us, we can not perceive the Lord. According to Lord Kapiladev we have to respect everyone and try to feed everyone. By respecting everyone we diminish the intensity of dvesa, by feeding everyone we diminish our attachment or raga. And at the end we will be able to see the Lord. Therefore we should see the Lord in every living entity, and relate with them accordingly.
Those who can not perceive God directly in everyone’s heart, they perceive God in a form of time. This is the form of God perceivable for us, it reminds us to behave properly. Purusa can be perceived in three forms: as Brahman, as Bhagavan, and as Paramatma. Lord Kapiladev says that time is the cause behind every change which we can perceive in the world. If you respect and feed everyone you will be fearless. Vaisnavas the older they are, the more enthusiastic they become, and on the contrary normal people the older they are the more depressed they become. Everyone sleeps on the laps of time, but the time never sleeps. Time is a reminder, when we see some changes in our body, it means that Krisna reminds us – time is going.
Everything is working under the direction of time, it is managed and working properly. Only foolish people think that everything is working by chance. Even Lord Siva and Lord Visnu are under the control of time, what to speak of everyone else. If we understand the temporary nature of this world, and if we have a fear of the time which puts an end to everything, we have to develop desire to serve. If this service attitude is established, we become eternal because the Lord is eternal, and the service to the Lord is eternal.