04 декабря 2019 | Vrindavan |
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Kama or lust is a thick covering over the consciousness. Because of ignorance which is synonymous to kama, we don’t have love, and love is being exchanged into with envy. «Srimad-Bhagavatam» is teaching us how to develop love.
Offensiveness has four stages: 1) martya – the offender is bad but still quite innocent, avagya – he is neglectful. The result is kautilya – his worship is pretense; 2) modhyat – the person is very dull, upeksa – he exploits others and don’t doesn’t care about them. The result is asraddha – his worship is completely useless, and as a result the person looses faith, because he does not get any reciprocation from the Lord; 3) dvesa – hateful or very cruel person therefore he is called bhinnadarsi, he does not see the unity between with all living entities. As a result his mind is never peaceful, because he sees everyone as an enemy, and they respond accordingly; 4) avamaninah – very critical person, he keeps offensiveness inside, without manifesting it. But when a degree of this offensiveness reaches a certain level he blurt it out. When he openly with hatred criticizes others, this is the greatest manifestation of the sin. When you physically hurt someone the wound heals in a couple of days, but you may remember the hateful words said by somebody after twenty years, especially if somebody is your wife or your husband. As a result such a person displeases the Lord. We should keep our hatred inside, not let it out.
If you know that the Lord exists in everyone’s heart, that everyone is the representative of the Lord, only then you can be truly humble. Otherwise you will never be humble, you will always look down at other living entities, or manifest your offensiveness on in some other way.
We need to worship the Lord by: 1) compassion - we give something to others; 2) we see others different and at the same time equal. If we develop respectful attitude towards other living entities, then the tendency for raga or attachment and dvesa or hatred within our heart will diminish. If we understand that the Lord is present in the heart of every living entity, we will get rid of the duality of this world and it will elevate us to the spiritual world.