01 декабря 2019 | Vrindavan |
Длительность: 1:01:46

It is so difficult for us to take shelter in God because we know that it means to give up our independence. Whereas by taking partial shelter of someone we don’t have to surrender completely. In this way we maintain the illusion of independence, which is the most dear to us. The whole program of this world is to prove that I am independent, even though for hundred of times a day we fail to prove it, because we always have to take shelter in somebody – in a doctor, policemen etc., still the illusion of independence is very dear to us. But Maharaja Katvanga shows the greatest intelligence, he understands that nobody else can save me, only the Lord Himself. And if we understand this, we are humble, if not we will take shelter of something else and in this way we will manifest our pride.
The objects of the senses are tamasik by nature, the senses are rajasik by nature, and the mind is sattvik by nature. But because the mind is always trying to taste the objects of the senses through the senses, then the contamination of the material objects is constantly coming into our mind. If we take shelter in somebody we are taking all the contamination which he has, and instead of realizing the real goal of life – to know the Supreme Lord, we will be further away from this goal.
Gunas of material nature are naturally going into our mind, therefore we should not distract our mind from the objects of the senses, we should distract ourselves from the mind by understanding that we are of the Lord’s nature, but not of the nature of the senses and of the mind. If we have this sraddha, that nothing else will save us, and we already belong to the Lord, we will be able to give up everything and to surrender to the Lord. Unfortunately we cannot surrender to God, and the only solution is to find shelter in somebody who is surrendered to God, in this way his determination and his intelligence will come to us.