03 декабря 2019 | Vrindavan |
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Bhakti is connected with hearing, especially hearing about the qualities of a person whom we love, it deepens on the relationship with this person and enhances the attraction. That is why hearing is the first process which helps us to establish the relationship on a more firm basis. While hearing about guna of Krishna, your consciousness becomes nirguna, because Krisna’s guna and qualities are nirguna.
The devotee does not desire liberation, even if the Lord Himself comes and offers it. Sometimes we may not desire something openly, but if somebody offers it, we may think – yes, it’s a good idea, so the desire will manifest. When the devotee comes to this level of consciousness when he only wants bhakti, it’s so blissful, he understands that anything else is like a garbage in comparison with it.
The state of consciousness which is called bhakti yoga is the highest, liberation is less than bhakti yoga. Intimate relationship with Krishna is even higher than general bhakti yoga. Only bhakti yoga brings you to the transcendental platform, any other process is not transcendental. In bhakti yoga the process and the goal are the same, you do bhakti because you want more pure bhakti, prema and bhakti are the same.
We have to perform svadharma without attachment, and only those items which great devotees recommend to do. There are two tendencies among devotees: to reject svadharma, or to be absorbed in it. We should also do kriya yoga, it means to engage senses in the devotional service, and to do it regularly. We should avoid asat sanga, be sensitive while dealing with other people. We should chant the Holy name and do the Deity worship, it makes our life regulated. We should relate with great devotees with a lot of respect, be compassionate with a fallen people, and relate with friendship with equals. We also should follow the rules and regulations. We have to do nama sankirtana - it’s the most important, and also we have to listen to the superiors, be simple, straightforward and very humble.
When our heart is completely clean, when we hear about the Lord we become exited. Practice of bhakti yoga develops the transcendental senses by which we can detect the presence of the Lord.
The root of all the offenses is the offense towards a devotee, specifically the offense towards the great devotee. The offensive nature is being developed on the foundation of this offense. The offense is a blocking power for bhakti, and hypocrisy is the cause of the offense. Therefore it is very important to avoid offenses.


Три вопроса Девахути. Сокровенная связь бхакти со слушанием. Слушая о чьих-то качествах, мы углубляем отношения с этой личностью. Когда мы лушаем о качествах Кришны, наше бхакти, или сознание, обретает качество ниргуна, потому что Кришна — ниргуна. Мы развиваем привязанность к тому, с чем нас уже связывает опыт взаимодействия. Если близость к Господу не способствует развитию и увеличению желания преданного служения, то бхакта от нее отказывается. Главная отличительная черта гаудия-сампрадаи. Практика бхакти выше мокши. Практика и цель бхакти-йоги не отличны друг от друга. Два берега причинного океана. Важность роли сва-дхармы в Кали-югу. Крийя-йогинам — использовать свои чувства в преданном служении. Избегать ненужного насилия. Две главные практики бхакти в Кали-югу — служение Божествам и повторение святого имени, служат для обретения решимости и ведут к избавлению от дурных привычек ума. Отношения с различными категориями людей. Отождествление себя со своим умом. Доверие благородным преданным. Ощущение вездесущности Верховной Души.